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Mounting Issues On Your Mac Can Be Resolved

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It’s not a dreadful message. Nonetheless, it still is an alarming one. You don’t want to to see the message “Disk Not Ejected Properly” on your screen, do you?

The message “Disk Not Ejected Properly” usually appears when you unplug a cable or disconnect power to a drive without making sure the disk has unmounted from the Finder after selecting it and choosing File > Eject [Name] or clicking the Eject icon next to its name in the sidebar.


It’s a message you don’t expect to see, especially if you’ve just successfully ejected the drive. The thing is, it happens and maybe, you shouldn’t ignore it.

When you mount a drive in the Finder, you expect it to stay there. If you’ve found that your previously reliable external hard disk drive or SSD starts ejecting itself, trouble is obviously afoot.


Here’s something you should do right away when you do see that message.

If unexpected unmountings continue, try to make a backup immediately. This may reveal other problems, but it’s important you have as current a copy of what’s on that drive as possible, as the hardware may be about to die—or the drive may at least be hard to access while you work through solutions.


Mac expert, Glenn Fleishman, shares some possibilities as to why your Mac is not mounting. He also shares some helpful troubleshooting tips.

• A bad cable. Even if you haven’t touched the cable since you attached an external drive years ago to a desktop computer, cables can fail. This is true even if it’s the one included with the drive or you purchased one from a company with strong positive product reviews. Cable failure is more likely for drives that are routinely connected and disconnected to a computer. Swap another identical cable, as it’s the cheapest way to isolate the problem.
• A faulty power connection. Check that the adapter is plugged in to the drive firmly and that the AC power plug isn’t jiggling in the outlet or surge protector. If the drive has a power light separate from an activity LED, observe it and see if it’s flickering or otherwise inconstant. Even with a power light, it can be tough to monitor and hard to test if a power adapter is the culprit, because AC power adapters are rarely the same among different companies (or even models of drive from the same company). You may need to call the company or use online tech support to get additional troubleshooting. The company may be able to send you free or for a small fee a replacement adapter if it thinks that’s the problem.
• The drive’s case is going bad. This is another hard thing to diagnose separate from the drive. A drive has its own operating system, circuit boards, and chips, but a

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F5 Networks Forges Ahead With Nginx Integration

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F5 Networks CEO says that it is no longer accurate to view his company as being a traditional Application Delivery Controller (ADC) player.

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Is Cloud Accounting Good For Business?

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Cloud accounting it very popular nowadays. There’s a good reason why. Making use of the cloud cuts down on the use and cost of external hard drives.

Cloud Accounting is trending and for all good reasons. Gone are the days, when you needed multiple hard drives to keep a store of the financial data. A description of Cloud Accounting in simple terms is Online Accounting.


While it might seem like a radical way of storing financial records, it has become a practice these days.

All the records of financial information are saved online on a server rather than the hard drive of your computer.

As crazy as it sounds like trusting some virtual servers for saving the financial records of your business, cloud accounting is, in fact, more secure, safe, cheap, and smart way for accounting.


As a matter of fact, there will be more and more businesses turning to the cloud by the year 2020.

There are numerous reasons why more than 75% of businesses are expected to turn to cloud accounting over traditional financial recordings by the year 2020.


One good reason as to why more and more businesses are turning to the cloud is because they can see the numbers clearly at any time. The cloud makes it possible to see their financial standing in real-time. Another good reason is that cloud accounting allows multi-user access. In simple terms, everybody can work on the same file.

No one has to worry about missing out on updates. Cloud accounting removes that layer of conflict since updates and backups are automatic. The best thing about cloud accounting is that it reduces business costs. The need to procure hard drives is lessened and the fact that the backups are updated means you can always get back your files in case of catastrophe.

There is no doubt that cloud accounting is good for business. The question is, is it good for yours?
Before you jump right into cloud accounting, it’s important that you list down your business needs first. That way, you’ll know exactly the kind of cloud service that’s right for you.

There are over hundreds of cloud accounting service providers. It is essential that you understand why you need one and how will it help you.

It is advisable to contact a consultant and explain the need for software keeping in mind the monthly expense and other factors like future growth and business goals.


Make sure to study the cloud service provider very well.

After accomplishing the first step, the next step is to find a perfect match for your needs. Based on your business size, needs and demands, there are tons of available options. It is essential to read and know about the software before investing in one based on your company’s needs.


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It’s Foggy at the Edge

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There are many use cases that require the ability to process data far more quickly than can be achieved by sending data to the cloud or a data center and back again.

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Photo and Video Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos?

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This guide talks about photo and video recovery solutions which helps to recover deleted photos, pictures, video, audio and other media files from digital camera memory card, smartphone and computer hard disk. If you deleted photos or videos by accident, just free download the photo video recovery freeware to get back deleted or lost files now.

About photo and
video recovery

Nowadays, digital camera and
smartphone enables users to take high-quality photos and videos and most users
are obsessed with capturing photos and video. It is common to keep hundreds of
multi-media files on hard disks, removable devices, SD cards, etc. Those files
are general of great importance, for they might be vocation photos of family
members, videos recording kid’s childhood, working materials, etc.

However, not all of us have
formed a habit of backing up in regular. That way, we have to deal with data
loss issue. There is the likelihood that most of us have experienced the
trouble of losing important photos or videos. Some may delete files by mistake,
some may format device unintentionally, and still some gets a corrupted / RAW
drive. Whatever the reason, lost photos or videos are probably not gone for

If you have not tried recovering any lost data, deleted photos and video recovery might sound complicated and difficult, and yet as a matter of fact photo and video recovery is quite easy. Free photo and video recovery software can help you recover deleted or lost photos and video via simple steps.

Free Video and
photo deleted recovery software free download full version

Eassos Recovery Free, free photos and video recovery software from Eassos, can recover deleted photos, videos, music, images, pictures, documents, emails and more from PC/laptop, RAW drive, USB flash drive, digital camera, SD card, thumb drive, pen drive, etc.

photo and video recovery

Main features:

  • Deleted photo recovery: recover deleted or lost photos, pictures, images from SD card, flash drive, HDD, external disk, etc.
  • Deleted video & audio recovery: it is capable of retrieving deleted video and audio files from computer and removable devices.
  • Format recovery: restore lost files from accidentally formatted NTFS/FAT/exFAT partitions with original directory and file names.
  • RAW drive recovery: scan RAW/corrupted drives to find out recoverable files without affecting device and lost data.
  • Preview scan result: View media files to check if files are recoverable before final recovery.
  • Intuitive user interface: The interface is user-friendly, which only requires several simple clicks of mouse.

Photo and video
recovery guide: how to recover deleted photos and video?

Below is the step-by-step
guide of recovering deleted photos and videos using Eassos photo and video
recovery freeware – Eassos Recovery Free.

Step 1: Download and install Eassos
Recovery Free on computer.

Download the software from
Eassos official site and you can install it on your computer. It is compatible
with Windows 10/8/7/vista/XP 32 bit and 64 bit.

One thing should …

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Is Your Small Business Prepared For A Disaster?

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Be honest. Is your small business prepared for any kind of disaster? If it’s not, then it’s going to be very hard to sustain your business in the long run. As it is, it’s hard enough to sustain business in normal circumstances. What more in an emergency?

Have you really thought about how your business can still run in an emergency situation? Or is closure your only option in such a desperate situation?

When it comes to running a business, the only desperate situation that requires closure is the end of the world or a major natural disaster. Now, if you have backups, your business could still survive a natural disaster. It might take some time but there’s no doubt that your business can still run. After all, you have backups. What if, you don’t?

The thought of backing up your business may not enter your mind at a time when everything is running smoothly. Well, that could get you in trouble. Just because everything is running smoothly doesn’t mean you don’t need to back up your business.

The failure of any piece of hardware or software is inevitable. Your files, emails and databases are continuously under threat by system crashes, data corruption issues, natural disasters, hackers and ransomware. Small businesses frequently overlook the importance of data backups. After all, if everything is working correctly, why do we need backups?

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Your business is not prepared for any kind of disaster if it’s not backed up. You cannot totally rely on the IT structure of your business to protect your data. That’s not enough.

What your business needs is a sound IT strategy.

A well-thought-out IT strategy can identify the best combination of software and hardware providing the highest value to your business.

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There’s no doubt that a sound IT strategy factors in data protection. After all, your business can’t run without data.

So, you really need to come up with a sound IT strategy for your business. If not, the consequences could be pretty costly.

Small businesses tend not to devise an IT strategy. As a result, they end up with high maintenance costs and unexpected expenses due to IT equipment not fit for purpose. Ultimately, this affects the competitiveness of the business in an increasingly cutthroat market.

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There’s just no way you can run your business without the critical data you’ve created and collected over the years. Hence, is the reason why data protection is critical.

You can’t expect data protection from the various hardware devices you’ve invested in. Hardware devices, such as computers and external drives fail as well. They can’t protect your business data forever.

Even if you do have a good IT system, it still cannot guarantee data protection. An IT system is bound to fail especially if it’s not protected.

If your business

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