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New Foldable Smartphone From Samsung

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There are always new upgrades that keep on surprising us. That is the beauty of innovation especially when it comes to technology. Life is not just black and white anymore. There are countless products that you used to think were not possible but have become staples in our lives nowadays. The smartphone is one good example. Who would’ve thought that such a handy and complex device will rule our world and allow us to do multiple things all at the same time with just a click of a button. The best thing about it is that this device fits the palm of our hands. No need to bring bulky computers or laptops to get things done.

We can’t live without our smartphone. You have to be honest and you feel helpless or naked without your smart device. Some people won’t hesitate to go home once they find out they left their smartphone for the day. Over the past decade, we have seen numerous advancements in smartphone technology. Its storage capacity is one major upgrade and the different apps you can now access from your smart device are numerous and you can easily connect to the web, thanks to advances in WiFi technology as well. You can do virtually everything with your smartphone but are smartphone makers still capable of surprising us consumers with even cooler features?

THE SMARTPHONE IS changing. From the pocket-sized devices of yore, our phones have grown into surrogate laptops for work on the go, and pseudo televisions for watching Netflix on planes. Samsung, the company that pioneered the “phablet,” thinks it’s time for something new. Something even bigger. Specifically, a phone that unfolds like a book to reveal a second, larger screen inside.

Samsung showed off its future-phone concept under dimmed lights at its annual developer conference today in San Francisco. The phone unfurls to offer a 7.3-inch flexible display for reading, watching television, or multi-tasking with multiple apps.


You have to admit that these smartphones cost a small fortune too. They are so pricey but the added features lure consumers to splurge on these devices that go outdated sooner than other gadgets. While we have to admit that Apple is the innovator for smart technology, Samsung won’t be left behind. Just recently they have shown the future of Samsung smartphone and it is foldable. When it does unfold, what you’ll see is an even bigger screen similar to most tablets nowadays. It’s still an ordinary phone when it is folded but it reveals a much larger screen when it unfolds. The only catch is that it is still a concept that Samsung is toying with for the time being.

Samsung won’t be the only one to release a foldable phone.

Google on Wednesday said that Android now officially supports foldable devices. While Samsung is one of its partners that will release a

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Video Deleted Recovery

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In this page,
you can find step-by-step guides on video deleted recovery, including how to
recover deleted videos from SD card, PC, and iPhone. If you are troubled by
video data loss issue, continue reading this tutorial and you’ll be able to
retrieve deleted videos easily on your own.

Video deleted recovery

everybody, I’m Robert. I made a terrible mistake that I deleted about 3GB
videos from memory card which is placed in digital camera. I used the camera to
capture some video for my office meetings and I had to show these files to my
colleagues who will make analyses and decisions on some important staff. I pressed
the Delete button by accident on camera. The result is that several video files
get lost in a second! It is very important to restore those files. Does anyone
know how to undelete video files from memory card or digital camera? Any response
will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

For most of us, it is common
to use various digital devices such as computer, mobile phone, camera, etc. These
devices can store and manage all kinds of files, such as photos, music, video,
email, documents, etc. Many users would like to take videos or photos to record
important moments and store videos file on hard drive, external disk or phones.
However, only a few part of users have to habit of backing up in time, which
many a majority of users do not have additional copy of those important files. As
a result, they are likely to encounter data loss issue. Because files can get
lost due to a verity of reasons, such as accidental deletion, formatting, RAW
drive, partition corruption, partition loss, virus, system issue, etc.

Accidental deletion of important video is awful experience, and yet you can overcome it if find right software. In many cases, video deleted recovery is available. When a video file gets deleted, it is not permanently erased from storage device, for system only deletes entrance instead of the entire data. As long as sectors occupied by deleted videos are not overwritten by newly stored data, you have good chance to get deleted videos back. Video deleted recovery software has the ability to scan the disk and restore lost videos and other files.

Video recovery software

DiskGenius: it is a versatile
tool and it covers a wide range of functions related to data recovery,
partition management, data backup, and disk utilities. The data recovery
function is effective and powerful. It supports to recover deleted or lost documents,
email, video, pictures, music files, etc. As to video deleted recovery, it has specialized
scanning algorithms to identify and restore all types of video formats such as
AVI, MP4, RMVB, MOV, MPG and so on. This application recovers lost data from
all kinds of storage devices including internal/external hard drive, SD card,
USB flash drive, pen stick, …

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Are Two Computer Monitors Better Than One?

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We live and breathe technology these days. Your day is not complete without using your smart device, logging into your various social media platforms, or browsing the web for the latest news or offerings. While the size of products is getting smaller and smaller with each new model released, those who work can better appreciate the value of using two monitors. Having a dual monitor will allow you to do more work than using one computer monitor alone. Imagine being able to see different data and being able to multitask because you can do multiple things all at the same time.

That is the obvious edge of using a dual computer monitor. While it is not something for everybody, those who work with technology understands its value and can better appreciate the benefits it offers. The first benefit from this set-up obviously has to do with convenience. It allows you a convenient data access especially if your work requires you to check on different data simultaneously like for professional in the field of real estate. Even writers can benefit from having two monitors because you no longer need to switch back from your browser to your word processor because you can now do your research on one monitor and continue your writing on the other.

Walk into any fast-paced startup or high-powered tech company in Silicon Valley and you’ll see a lot of things that might not be traditional for a workplace. Unorthodox decorations, strange lighting and open floor plans will be the order of the day. Yet while tech company environments may be one-of-a-kind when it comes to snack bars and ping pong tables, one thing all seem to share are multiple computer displays for their computing needs.

Using more than one monitor, in this way, has a long history. Banks of displays have their role everywhere from business to the realms of science fiction. It’s only relatively recently, however, that home and business computing has reached a point where it’s cheap enough — and computers are powerful enough — to run multiple monitors without extra internal hardware.


Those people involved with data entry work can also attest to the convenience a dual monitor offers and it can also help reduce the likelihood of making errors since data are no longer mixed up in one screen. Even in the field of customer service, you’d be able to better assist customers if you are able to actively monitor all your activities. It means you will no longer be caught off guard, so you would be able to prepare and look for answers to customer questions in half the time it would take you when you only use one computer monitor for work. Hence, using both at the same time likewise boosts productivity.

You may get along just fine with only one computer screen, but adding a second

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Easy Ways To Clean Your Computer

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Here’s something interesting. Did you know that there’s such a thing as the National Clean Out Your Computer Day? Yes, there actually is such a day.

Monday, Feb. 11 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. When you clean your computer, it’s not just about dusting off your screen and wiping down the keyboard. It’s important to clean the hard drive, updating software, and getting rid of outdated programs.


That goes to show how important it is to clean out your computer, inside and out. It makes perfect sense. After all, you need to keep your computer in tip top shape so that all your valuable files are protected.

Cleaning your computer’s hardware makes the entire system run more smoothly and keep it running longer. Regular cleaning protects not only your investment, but the important data stored on it as well. Every few days or so, give the screen a good wipe and empty the crumbs out of the keyboard. Those simple tasks will reduce the risk of it breaking and overall help the computer work better.


A good wipe every now and then is not enough. Cleaning out your computer goes way beyond than just wiping the monitor and the keyboard. You also need to make sure that the fan vents are clean.

You should also regularly clean the dust out of fan vents which can help prevent the computer from overheating and potentially breaking causing you to lose all of your valuable information stored on it. Joseph Sharp, co-owner of Lead Tech Service in Wilmington says cleaning the dust out of the vent fans is a fairly simple task.


If you are not sure as to how to go about cleaning the fan vents, don’t worry. You can just have your computer cleaned by a professional. That way, the right tool can used to clean the fan vents.

“To actually clean the hardware, I would take it to any computer repair shop” says Sharp. “We all use something called a data vac and we blow out the machine. Usually it’s not a very expensive charge, but definitely if your fans are running really high, if it’s a loud computer, than you know it’s probably trying to push through dust.”


It’s recommended that you have your computer cleaned every once a year. Keep that in mind especially if you want to your computer to last long.

A clean computer also means that the software is updated. If it’s not, it could increase the chances of data loss and that’s not good for you.

Cleaning your computer’s software helps protect the data stored on it. Using antivirus software can ensure that hackers stay out of your system, but that software needs to be regularly updated. To keep your software clean and tidy you should:

  • Delete unused programs.
  • Backup

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How to get back deleted photos?

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article provides effective solution to help you get back deleted photos from
hard drive, SD card, flash drive and Android devices. Free download photo
deleted recovery software and recover deleted photos via simple steps now.

Get back deleted photos

photos with smart phones or digital camera is a common way to record important
moments such as family time, children’s growth, travels and more. Hundreds of
photos can be saved on computer, camera, phones, SD card, etc. but these files cannot
avoid data loss issue, for example, you may delete photos by mistake, drive may
get formatted, Windows crashes, SD card stops working and so on.

of us must have the experience of accidentally deleting photos and that can be
a heart-stopping moment especially when data loss happens to important photos
which have not been backed up. Windows system provides Recycle Bin which tries
to prevent users from deleting data by mistake. Deleted files can be restored
from Recycle Bin to their original location before Recycle Bin gets emptied.
However, USB drives like memory card, USB flash drive or external hard drive
does not have a Recycle Bin. However, deleting photos is not the end of the
story. In most cases, deleted photos are recoverable with the help of photos
recovery software.

recovery software makes it easy to get back deleted photos or videos, but it is
not able to recover lost files which have been overwritten. Therefore, once you
realize some photo gets deleted, you should stop using the device until deleted
photos are recovered. Any operation on the device such as taking photos can
lead to data overwrite and make lost photos unrecoverable. Next, we’ll discuss
how to get back deleted or lost photos with detailed steps.

Photo deleted recovery software free download

deleted file recovery software is designed to recover deleted or lost photos
from various storage devices. It is able to recover all types of image files such
as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TIF, JPG, etc., including RAW images like
RAW, CR2, CRW, NEF, DNG, etc. Besides, it supports to recover data via simple
steps as well as guarantee best recovery result. If you are face photo loss
issue, free down photo deleted recovery software and follow tutorials below to
get backup lost photos now.

How to get back deleted photos from SD card & PC?

section talks how to get back deleted photos from hard drive, memory card, USB
flash drive, external hard drive, etc. with the help of photo deleted recovery
software DiskGenius. Download this tool and you can start recovery process now.

Step 1:
Install and launch DiskGenius from your computer.

do not install the software to the drive where deleted photos were stored,
otherwise lost files will be overwritten.

Step 2:
In DiskGenius, right-click on the drive you want to recover data …

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The World Of Data

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Whether big or small, data is undoubtedly a big part of our lives. And in this highly technologically-savvy world, data has become digital and proliferates the world both online and offline. With the growing number of data being shared on a daily basis, the issue on storage is a problem we always face especially if the storage capacity of your device can’t keep up with your data use. Gone were the days when devices have so little storage capacity, storage is much bigger now and you can always buy a secondary storage device if your device does not have enough storage space.

The use of flash drives and external hard drives have become the norm now. People usually purchase them for additional storage, so they can clear their device and add more files that will eventually be transferred to a secondary storage much later. Most tech users are always on the lookout for the best secondary storage at a reasonable price because it can free them of their constant worries of running out of storage space. Most external hard drives (EHDs) have bigger storage space now and they are generally reasonably priced too. They are fairly easy to use, so you won’t have any difficulty transferring your files from one device to the other.

The Seagate 8TB USB 3.0 desktop external hard drive is down to $129.99 on Amazon. This hard drive has been selling for around $150 since a drop in late September. Before that, it regularly sold for as much as $180. Today’s deal is the best price we’ve ever seen.

Seagate’s drive is meant to be as easy to use as possible. It has plug-and-play compatibility, so you can just immediately start using it, as well as drag-and-drop utility so it’s easy to get your data where you want it. It transfers at USB 3.0 speeds and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. You’ll need to reformat it to get it to work with Mac. Users give it 4.6 stars based on 99 reviews.


Data saved on a secondary storage will likewise stay safer because these devices are rarely used to connect to the web, so there is a slimmer chance that it will be infected by an online bug or a virus or the more popular malwares these days. Unlike your computer or smart device that you use in your day-to-day to connect to the web. Regular use can wear out your device that can lead to premature breakdowns and the dreaded data loss that follows. Many of your data are irreplaceable so saving it on a backup device is the most logical thing to do if you don’t want to deal with costly data recoveries that do not have a 100% assurance you’ll be able to retrieve your lost files.

Sometimes, there are always some important data on the external hard drive.

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