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Photo Recovery: Recently Deleted Photo Recovery

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Photos get deleted? No panic! Photo recovery
can help you get back recently or permanently deleted photos from SD card, PC,
hard disk, digital camera, phone, USB flash drive, etc. Let’s take a look at
how to perform deleted photo recovery with the help of free photo recovery

Recently deleted photo recovery

Benefiting from the advancement of technology,
no matter whether you are a photographer or an average user, anyone of us can
capture a high-quality photo with the help of a digital camera or smart phone. We’d
like to record important event or moments via taking photos or videos.
Nowadays, photos have become an important of our assets. Under such circumstance,
it is hard to accept photo loss issue.

However, photos may get lost due to all kinds
of reasons, such as deletion, formatting, partition missing, RAW drive, virus
and so on. Have you ever experienced photo loss issue? Do you know how to get
back deleted photos? In this article, we are going to recommend a free photo recovery
program and a step-by-step guide of recently deleted photo recovery.

What to do when photos get deleted or lost? To ensure
a satisfied recently deleted photo recovery, you should be aware:

  • Stop using the device from which you want to
    recover deleted or lost photos. For example, do not continue taking photos. If
    new data is saved to the device, lost photos might get overwritten.
  • Choose an easy and effective method to deal with
    photo recovery task, such as free photo recovery software. Also, read the photo
    recovery guide prior to executing the recovery work.
  • Do not format or try repairing the device when
    photo loss is caused by RAW file system, partition corruption, virus, bad
    sectors, etc.

Best free photo recovery software

Eassos Recovery Free is a free and popular
deleted photo recovery program. It supports to recover lost photos from
deletion, formatting, RAW drive, partition loss and many other photo loss
situations. It is designed with a wizard interface which makes data recovery quite
easy, thus even beginner users find no difficulty in data recovery. Eassos photo
recovery freeware features:

  • Pre-recovery file preview: File preview allows
    users to view photos in thumbnail and full size, making is easy to choose
    needed files.
  • Safe recovery: Photo recovery process is read-only
    access to original device and loss data; thus, it is safe to work with it.
  • Flexible scanning: You can pause, continue,
    stop or resume scanning progress.
  • Supported file system types: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32,
    FAT16, FAT12.

Photo recovery guide: how to recover
recently deleted photos?

Before we start the recently deleted photo recovery
guide of recovering deleted photos, you need to get device ready. For example,
if you are going to recover photos from camera SD card, you need to connect it
to computer and make sure it can be recognized properly. A camera SD card can …

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Want To Clean Up Your Windows 10? Try Defragging It.

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“Defragging” or defragment sounds pretty technical. Truth is, there’s really nothing technical about it. It just refers to a process that can help boost your computer’s performance.

The process is very simple and it can help every computer-user like you. So, if you want to boost your computer’s performance by cleaning up your hard drive in Windows 10, you can do so by defragging it.

It’s simple to defragment – or ‘defrag’ – your storage in Windows 10. If you have a hard drive you’ve been using for a long time without disk defragmentation, you may have noticed performance steadily slowing down.

That likely means it’s time to perform a defrag on that drive.


You might wonder how defragging a hard drive can help boost the performance of your computer. Here’s what happens when you defrag a hard drive.

Disk defragmentation moves chunks of information on a disk around so that related data are physically closer together on the hard disk. This helps improve speeds on the disk, as more data can be read consecutively without the need to jump around between sections of the disk. It can also allow for faster write speeds for the same reason, as newly written data can go on the drive in order.


Here are the steps to defrag your hard disk.

• Step one: Press the Windows Key and type ‘defrag’ into the search bar, then select “Defragment and Optimize Drives” from the results.
If your search bar is misbehaving or you don’t see the above results, you can also reach the tool by opening the Control Panel, selecting System and Security, and then selecting “Defragment and optimize your drives” underneath the Administrative Tools header.
You can get to the Control Panel by pressing the Windows Key and typing “Control Panel” into the search bar and selecting the result or you can open the Start Menu, scroll down to the Windows System folder, open it, and select Control Panel from inside.
• Step two: Examine the list of your computer’s drives in the Defrag tool, and find the hard drive you want to defrag.
• Step three: Check the “Media Type” column for your drive and ensure it is not a solid state drive (SSD). Only proceed with defragmentation for a hard drive.
• Step four: Click on the drive you want to defrag, then press the “Optimize” button below the list of drives.
Windows 10 may prompt you to approve the action before it proceeds.
• Step five: Sit back and let the Defrag tool work. Depending on the size of your drive and the level of fragmentation, it may take a considerable amount of time to complete.
• Step six (optional): If you’d like Windows 10 to defrag your drive on a regular basis, you can turn on scheduled optimization inside the Defrag tool. Press

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Have You Heard Of Clonezilla?

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It’s a cute name. However, Clonezilla is more than just a cute name. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s what Clonezilla is all about.

Clonezilla is a free and open source disk partition and image cloning program. You can use Clonezilla for system backups, full drive clones, system deployments, and more. Furthermore, it supports an enormous range of file systems, as well as multiple boot loaders, encryption, and more.


So, if you’ve just bought a new computer and you’re thinking of moving your old files to it, Clonezilla is a good option.

When you buy a new computer, you have to move your old files to your new system. Copying folder after folder, file after file is tedious. Thankfully, you can use Clonezilla to clone your entire drive to a new drive. Drive cloning with Clonezilla is fast, simple, and best of all, completely free.


Now, before you start cloning your Windows 10 drive, you have to check the capacity of your second drive.

Please note that to clone your Windows 10 drive, your second drive must have an equal or larger capacity to your current storage. For instance, if you want to clone a drive that is using 60 GB storage, the recipient drive must also have at least 60 GB available for a complete clone.


The first thing you need to do is to download Clonezilla. Here’s how you can do it.

You will need a USB flash drive to download Clonezilla. You can make the download quicker with a USB 3 16 gigabyte but you really use any USB for it. Now, go to Then click on the download link on the side.

Once that’s done, go to your download folder to run the executable file. Click on the default option, which is the Clonezilla live version. To avoid overwriting an SD or another thumb drive, make sure to select the USB drive that you’ve inserted. Click “Okay” to download Clonezilla.

You can also create a bootable USB drive with Rufus.

To create your bootable Clonezilla USB flash drive, you need a 1 GB USB flash drive (or larger). You also need handy little bootable USB flash drive tool, Rufus. (Here are some other tools you can use to make a bootable USB flash drive.)

Please note that creating the Clonezilla bootable USB flash drive will completely wipe any existing data on your drive.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Head to the Rufus homepage. Download and install the latest version.
2. After installation, open Rufus. Make sure to insert your USB flash drive.
3. Select your USB flash drive under Device.
4. Under Boot selection, press SELECT. Browse to your Clonezilla ISO download location and hit Open. Rufus will automatically input the correct options to create a bootable USB flash drive. Change the Volume

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Data Loss Is Not A Hopeless Situation

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Anything can happen to your data. You can lose it in the blink of an eye. It can happen so fast that before you can think of doing anything, your files are gone. They’re not in their folders and they’re not in the Recycle Bin. They’re gone.

Sure, you could always recreate your files but that’s going to take a lot of time and effort. If you’ve backed up your files to an external hard drive, then there’s hope for you. You could always go through your backups in the external drive but if they’re not updated, they’re useless.

You would still have to spend some time recreating your files again. That is, if the external hard drive is still functioning pretty well. If luck isn’t on your side and the external hard drive isn’t functioning well, then you’re really going to end up wondering if you’re ever going to get back your files. Some hard drives fail you at a time when you need them most.

Don’t despair. Data loss is not a hopeless situation. According to the experts at the California-based Hard Drive Recovery Associates, you can still recover and undelete files in Windows. Even if they seem like they’re gone forever, you can still get them back.

The experts from the Hard Drive Recovery Associates bring hope for what seems like a hopeless situation. That’s pretty much the reason why they are getting valuable support from the community.

Irvine, California-based Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA) is pleased to acknowledge a recent increase in the amount of support and positive feedback shown by their community.

The Irvine company is well known within the community, and this recognition increases with each day as more customers share their experiences with each other regarding Hard Drive Recovery Associates’ services. Residents continue to make appointments to contract the company’s services—and HDRA affirms that they are the best chance clients have of recovering any important information from their Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD).


Here’s what Troy Hodge, a recent customer, has to say about them about the Hard Drive Recovery Associates.

“After discussing my case with a number of data recovery services, I decided that HDRA was easily the most competent company. They guaranteed that if they couldn’t recover my data, they wouldn’t charge me for it. All of the other providers that I visited were insistent on charging me for an evaluation fee. The Hard Drive Recovery Associates managed to recover my data in record time while being completely transparent of the whole process, including the risks that I was facing. They also did this service at an affordable price, being the best out of all the providers that I visited.”


So, stop blaming yourself if you’ve accidentally deleted a file in your computer. You can get it back.

Of course, you …

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Formatted SD Card Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

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Eassos provides free recovery software to recover deleted, lost or formatted files from SD cards. If you just accidentally formatted SD card or SD card cannot be accessed and prompts to formatting, you can try formatted SD card recovery software free download full version to get back lost files from memory cards easily. This page will talk about the best free SD card recovery software full version as well as an effective method to deal with SD card recovery.

About formatted
SD card recovery

an SD card removes all files stored on it, after which all capacity on the SD
card is available for storing new data. When you format an SD data in Windows, you
can choose either quick format or full format. It seems that there is no difference
whether to select the option Quick Format, for the result is removing all data.
However, a quick format and full format lead to total result when you need to
do formatted SD card recovery.

Is it possible to recover a formatted SD card? The answers should be formatted SD card recovery is possible after a quick format instead of full format, for a full format permanently wipes data. We are not going to dig deeply on the differences, as we need to focus on SD card recovery freeware and how to perform formatted SD card recovery. Next, we’re about to discuss free formatted SD card recovery software full version.

Best free
formatted SD card recovery software free download full version

one of the best free formatted SD card recovery software full version, Eassos
Recovery Free might be your optimal option for SD card data recovery. Why? This
recovery freeware is designed with the kernel of professional recovery software
so that it is able to achieve high success rate. Eassos Recovery Free works
with various data loss issues on computer, memory card, SD card, hard disk,
external HDD, USB flash drive and more. Main features of this free SD card
recovery software are listed below:

  • All-around SD card data recovery software: it supports to recover all types of lost data on SD card from deletion, formatting, RAW drive, partition missing, virus attack, bad sectors and other data loss issues.
  • Support all types of SD cards: SD card data recovery applies to all popular memory card brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, etc. as well as all types of memory cards such as SDSC, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD card, mini SD card and so on.
  • Selectively data recovery: After finding lost files from SD card, the software provides preview of recoverable data. Hence, users can selectively recover needed files without copying all found files.
  • Read-only recovery process: No matter whether you are good at SD card recovery, the recovery process is safe to original device and lost data.

SD card data
recovery software free download full version step-by-step guide: how

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