Change And Reset Password On Your Mac Computer

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Need to change your Mac password? If you need to, don’t worry. You can easily do it.

Changing your password from time to time is important. It actually is a good practice to change your password regularly. Of course, you just have to remember it. If you forget it, there’s still no reason for you to worry. You can easily change and reset your password on your Mac computer.

Here’s are the simple steps that can help you change the password in your Mac computer.

If you know your password, you can login to your account and reset it with a few easy steps.

1. Log into your Mac.

2. Open the Apple menu (the Apple logo at the top-left of your screen) and choose “System Preferences.” You may also have it pinned to your menu bar (it’s a gray gear).

3. Click “Users & Groups.”

4. Select your user account on the left of the box and click the padlock in the bottom left to make your changes.

5. Click “Change Password.”

6. Enter your current password, your new password (twice) and a hint to help you remember your password (don’t make it too obvious). Click “Change Password” to complete the process.


Changing password is a lot different from resetting it. To say the least, the latter leaves you clueless as to what your password is. You really have no idea what it is but you shouldn’t worry about it. You can always reset your password but before you do so, keep this in mind.

Before you attempt to reset your password, check that you’re typing the correct upper and lower case letters and that Caps Lock isn’t turned on. Your password field may also have a question mark, which will display a password hint when clicked.


It’s not just your mom or grandma who usually forgets passwords. Everybody forgets passwords. When you do forget yours,  you can refer to these simple steps to reset.

There are two ways you can reset your Mac password. First of which is by using your Apple ID.

You may be able to reset your password using your Apple ID.

1. To trigger this option, keep entering passwords until you’re given the prompt that you can reset your password using your Apple ID.

Note: If you don’t see this message after 3 or more password attempts, then you don’t have this option and will have to try another method.

2. Click the arrow next to the prompt message and enter your Apple ID.

3. Create a new password and password hint.

4. Restart your Mac and log in using the new password.


You can also use your admin user to reset your Mac password.

If you’ve got multiple users on your Mac, and one of them is an admin, then you can log into that account and use it to reset your password.

1. Log into the admin user account.

2. Open “System Preferences” from the Apple menu or on your menu bar (it’s a gray gear).

3. Click “Users & Groups.”

4. Click the lock symbol and enter the admin name and password.

5. Select the name of the user account that needs a password reset.

6. Click the “Reset Password” button and create a new password.

7. Log out of the admin account by going to the Apple menu and clicking “Log Out Admin…”

8. Log into your user account using the new password.


If none of the steps above work, you can always get with Apple support to help. That is, if you’re struggling to reset your password. It’s a totally different story if you’re trying to recover data from your Mac

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