HDD Recovery Software

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This post discusses HDD
recovery software and explains how to recover deleted, lost or formatted data
from hard drive, USB disk, memory card, etc. via simple and effective guides. Free
download the best HDD data recovery software to recover all your lost data now.

HDD data recovery

Hard disk drive is
the major data storage device on computers, and it usually contains large
amount of important data, for example, photos, email, documents, videos,
backups, etc. However, mistakes are bound to occur, which ends up losing data.
For instance, you may accidentally files or partitions, format wrong drive.
Besides, you may encounter other data loss issue like partition gets corrupted,
hard disk contains bad sectors, system cannot boot, etc.

Is it possible to
recover lost or deleted files? How does hard disk recovery software work? In
many cases, you have good chance to get back deleted or lost data via simple
steps. When a file gets deleted from computer, it will be put into the Recycle
Bin, and you can easily restore it before Recycle Bin gets emptied. If the file
is deleted by Shift + Delete or Recycle Bin gets emptied, the file still
remains on hard drive. You cannot see it in Windows, for the disk space now is
tagged as free and available for new data. If operating system does not write data
to that disk area, the delete file keeps remaining on your disk. Therefore, it
is possible to recover lost data before it gets overwritten.

The best HDD data recovery software free download

If you are facing
data loss issue, an HDD data recovery tool can be the proper choice. In most
cases, you can deal with data loss issue on hard disk or other media by
yourself with the help of recovery software. Free download HDD recovery
freeware and you can start the recovery.

Eassos Recovery
Free is free HDD data recovery software and it is able to recover lost or
deleted files & partitions from hard drive and other devices easily and
quick. It offers free hard disk data recovery up to 1GB. If you want to recover
extra data, you can upgrade it to the full edition which does not has
limitation on the amount of data it can recover. This free HDD recovery tool
allows users to recover all data lost due to deletion, formatting, virus
attach, RAW drive, partition loss, system crash, etc. The recovery process only
takes a few clicks and does not require users be experienced in data recovery

DiskGenius is
advanced hard disk data recovery software. It is designed with unique data
recovery technologies and covers the most comprehensive data recovery functions.
Data recovery is supported for all major file system, including
FAT12/16/32/exFAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4. Both file recovery and partition
recovery are available for hard disk, external HDD, USB flash drive, memory
card, pen drive, virtual disk, RAID, etc.

How to recover deleted files using HDD recovery software

In this example, you can find an effective solution to recover deleted
files from hard drive using HDD recovery freeware – Eassos Recovery Free. This
recovery program comes with user-friendly interface which makes recovery job
quick easy.

Step 1: Download, install and run Eassos
Recovery on your computer. Then select a proper recovery mode from the main

HDD Recovery Software

If you want to undelete files, then select Recover Deleted Files option,
and it enter next interface.

: Select
the drive where you lost files and click Next button. Then Eassos Recovery Free
starts to scan the drive to find lost data.

HDD Recovery Software

: Preview
and recover data.

You can double-click data to
preview it and check if it is correct. After preview, you can select what you
want to restore, and click Recover button to save data to a different location.
Once files are saved and copied successfully, they are back and read to use again.

HDD Recovery Software

Video tutorial on recovering lost data using Eassos hard
drive recovery software

How to recover lost data with advanced HDD data recovery software?

DiskGenius works efficient on
partition recovery, including RAW drive recovery, retrieving data from
formatted partition and recovering lost or deleted partitions from all sorts of
storage devices. Here, we’ll show you how to recover lost data from corrupted /
inaccessible hard drive partitions.

: In
DiskGenius, select the corrupted partition and click Tools -> Load Current
Partition Intelligently
, as pictures below:

This function is designed to
recover corrupted NTFS partition, and most times, it is able to load lost files
and folders from the inaccessible drive directly without doing any scanning. If
this function works on your drive, you can save files to a different location
and finish recovery. If the drive is damaged too badly, then move to next step.

HDD Recovery Software

: Right-click
on the damaged partition and choose Recover
Lost Files
from context menu.

HDD Recovery Software

: Select
recovery options and click Start button to search for lost data.

HDD Recovery Software

: Preview
files and locate what you want to recover.

HDD Recovery Software

: Recover
files by saving them to another location.

Select files and folders you
want to restore, right-click on selected data and choose Copy To.

You can preview files found
by the software so that you can easily find what you need.

HDD Recovery Software

Final words

Now you’ve learnt ways to do
HDD data recovery. HDD recovery software is useful and effective to help us
solve all kinds of data loss issues. Should you have any questions or need help
regarding recovering files & partitions, please feel free to contact our
support team to get instant and professional guidance and suggestions.

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