HDD partition recovery

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In this tutorial, you can
find two guides on HDD partition recovery, i.e. recover lost data from
formatted partition and lost partition recovery. With the help of effective
partition recovery software, you can solve data or partition loss issue in
couple of clicks.

About HDD partition recovery

Generally, a hard drive is
divided into one or multiple partitions before we can store files on it.
Partitions are separated sections on hard disk and they help users store and
manage data in a smart way. We can install operating system on one partition
and store personal files on other partitions.

All of us can encounter the
problem of partition deletion, formatting, corruption or damage, which results
in data loss. If partitions in question are filled with important files which
have not been backed up, you should know an efficient way to get back lost data
or partition.

Luckily, partition recovery
is no longer a difficult task in these days, there is partition recovery
software available for all users. Some partition recovery tool is easy to use and
provides great recovery result. Next we will talk about partition recovery
tools and how to perform the recovery.

HDD partition recovery tool free download

DiskGenius is excellent HDD
partition recovery tool which supports to recover deleted, lost, formatted,
corrupted and damaged partition from hard drive, external HDD, memory card, USB
flash drive, virtual disk, RAID, etc. It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT,
NTFS, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 file system. Apart from partition recovery, DiskGenius
also provides complete function on file recovery which enables users to recover
deleted or lost files, photos, documents, email, music, video and other files.

You can download the HDD
partition recovery tool free edition to search for lost data or partition, so
that you can evaluate if it works on your case. The free edition works the same
as the paid edition when searching for lost data or previewing files.

HDD partition recovery guide 1: recover formatted partition

Partition formatting is the
process to remove data from a specific volume, after which all files and
folders are missing. Many users would like to format partition to wipe data,
free up disk space, repair corrupted partition, clear virus, change file system
type, etc. In some cases, users just format partition by mistake, and thus have
to face data loss issue.

Fortunately, in most cases,
we have a good chance to recover data from formatted partition. That’s because Windows
performs quick format by default, which does not permanently erase data. Once a
partition gets formatted, files will be removed without being wiped completely,
and data stays untouched even though you cannot see it in system. As long as
there is not data overwrite, you can get back formatted files with the help of
data formatted partition recovery software. Download and install DiskGenius on
your computer, and you can try HDD partition recovery and getting back lost
data from formatted partition in Windows 10/8/7.

: Launch
DiskGenius and right-click on the formatted partition to choose Recover Lost Files.

You should make sure the
selected location is the partition you want to recover data, or the software
cannot find correct data for you.

: Select
recovery mode and click Start button
to let the software search for recoverable data.

To retrieve data from
formatted partition, you need to select Complete
and Search For Know File

: Preview and
recover data.

Preview files listed in
scanning result to check if your files can be recovered correctly. Then choose
what you want to restore, right-click on selected data and choose Copy To.

HDD partition recovery guide 2: recover lost/deleted

Partitions may get lost due
to reasons like accidental deletion, disk formatting, repartitioning, system
crash, virus, partition table corruption, etc. Once a partition is missing, you
cannot access as well as files in the partition. Recovering lost or deleted
partition from HDD is kind of different from file recovery, for lost partition
recovery actions scans disk and searches for entire partition instead of any
single file. Thus, HDD lost partition recovery requires the recovery software
be able to effective enough to fulfill the work.

In this section, we use
DiskGenius to restore lost or deleted partitions back to the working state. Let’s
take a look at how the recovery work.

: Download,
install and launch DiskGenius from your computer. Select the disk from which
you want to restore lost partitions and click Partition Recovery button from toolbar.

Then click Start button from the pop-up window and
DiskGenius starts to search for lost partition from selected space.

: Reserve
partitions you want to restore and Ignore undesired partition.

You need to make the
selection for each partition found by the software until scanning is done. It’s
safe to reserve any partition here, as such action is saved to memory only
without writing to the disk.

: Click OK
when DiskGenius finishes scanning.

: Click
Save All button to save changes on partition table and complete lost partition

Video guide to recover lost or deleted partitions:


So much about HDD partition
recovery, and now you should able to recover lost data from formatted partition
and recover lost/deleted partition from hard disk and other storage devices.
With the help of effective partition recovery software, you can easily deal
with data loss issue in Windows. Should you have any question regarding using
DiskGenius, please feel free to contacting our technical team.

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