Siri Shortcuts To Level Up Your iPhone And iPad

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Here’s a trivia for you. Do you know the name of the actor who provided the voice for Siri? Well, her name is Susan Bennet. Yes, she’s actually a real person. According to her, she recorded Siri voices in 2005. At that time, she had no idea where those recordings were going to end up.

Fast forward today, you now have the famous Siri in your iPhone and iPad. Surely, you use Siri a lot. That’s good. Now, are you aware of the Siri Shortcuts?

The Siri Shortcuts app was introduced in June, but a lot of people don’t even know what it is.

That’s too bad, because Siri Shortcuts is the best way to use Siri to control apps. You might ask Siri to open CNBC and begin playing live TV, for example.


Thanks to Siri shortcuts, it’s now easier for you to take on the variety of tasks on your iPhone and iPad. Siri is now more than just a voice that provides information. With the shortcuts, Siri can actually perform the tasks for you. Interestingly enough, there’s no need to even talk to Siri. With just a simple tap, Siri Shortcuts can get the task done for you.

If you have an iPhone, you probably know the basics of what Siri can do. But Siri Shortcuts super charges it by letting you control third-party apps with just your voice. You don’t even have to touch your iPhone in most instances.

You might ask Siri to start navigating to work with Waze instead of Apple Maps or ask your HomePod to play a Pandora station (yes, you can do that!). You can even ask Siri to snap a selfie, which is useful if you’re trying to fit a bunch of people together in a photo and your iPhone is across the room.


Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? With Siri Shortcuts, you really have an assistant who does everything for you. In a way, you don’t have to spend so time navigating your phone since Siri Shortcuts automates it to do certain tasks. However, Siri Shortcuts only recommends the apps that you normally use.

A word of warning: Siri is always learning, so the shortcuts it recommends can largely be based on whether you’ve used an app already or not.


So if you want Siri Shortcuts to launch and automate a particular app, you would have to play around with that app  first. In case you want to listen to some music on Pandora, you would have to open Pandora first before Siri Shortcuts can launch it.

You can ask Siri to play music from Pandora, even on a HomePod. That means you don’t have to worry about AirPlay or subscribing to Apple Music just to listen to tunes on Apple’s smart speaker. You do this using Siri Shortcuts in Pandora.


Siri Shortcuts can also be used to launched the CNBC apps.

Our CNBC app supports Siri Shortcuts, too. That means you can ask Siri to start playing CNBC live or open the news.


The Spectre Camera also supports the Siri Shortcuts. This means you don’t have to do anything to take a selfie.

This is a new app from the makers of Halide, a really popular camera app that adds professional features. Spectre lets you snap long exposure shots that are saved as Live Photos. But touching a camera while snapping a long exposure shot can ruin the image. With a Siri Shortcut, you can avoid that by asking Siri to take the picture for you.


Thanks to the Siri Shortcuts, you can automate your iPhone and iPad to do so many things. It’s for that reason that your iPhone and iPad can end up storing a lot of data. Now, if you’re looking to upgrade your iPad, you might want to check out these links: and

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