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My bias view of advertising mediums

Consumer mindset –  How much of the audiences mindset is available to be subject to consumerism
Effectiveness -  A very generalized calculation of reach, conversion rate, cost and ROI.

Users of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are completely distracted and are difficult to convert into a sale becuase

  • Their channel of conversion can be instantly interrupted if they receive a new message on the social media channel.
  • They are only using the site because they have nothing better to do, will click on anything to waste more of their time and possibly don’t even know they are clicking on ads.
  • The effectiveness is lowered because a lot of ads can accidentally be clicked especially in YouTube
  • Even after they follow an ad, they’re still most likely thinking about the previous more personal content

The top left corner is just a joke and just shows regardless of the consumers mindset sex will always sell

Radio and Tv also distract the user but during ad breaks they are giving a few minutes to convert a very impressionable zombie sitting on a couch.

When people are reading phone books or searching Google they are looking for particular things and its self explanatory why it’s better to spend money on advertising to people actually needing your product.

Page one of Google is possibly the most effective technique of our time within reason.  Sign up today for my SEO package…. just joking lol

Google Adsense isn’t great but a step up from social media advertising and would probably also lie in the bottom left quadrant.

What is my Google Adsense suggesting to you below?
How will Facebook Titan integrate advertising?

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