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When do you write the most efficient code?

Just a quick question, interested to know at what time of the day do you write the most efficient algorithms. I tend to find that when I’m tired my brain isn’t jumping everywhere thinking about too many things at once and instead just pondering away at the one thought.

Though this effect could be coupled with the fact that no one else is stupid enough to stay up to 4am every morning, making it a very quiet work enviroment.
Here are other times I have tried but aren’t nearly as productive.

Failed Times

I have tried coding drunk before, I was under the impression I was doing fantastic until I split the drink on the keyboard, turned off the computer in the panic and now I will never know how well I was doing.

p.s. That was on a personal project, not a clients =D

Coding early morning for me never works, I have to read all the daily news first and have no attention span at all.

I cannot code at all when I’m hungry.

Even though I’m a freelancer I stop coding at 5 just because I’m jealous everyone else gets to stop.

I like to code after an energy drink not after hot drinks.

When do you code well? Share your secrets!

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posted on Monday, October 18th, 2010 by admin in Rants

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