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Poilep – Backlink Tracker

Home page - Poilep – Backlink Tracker

A while back I needed a simple tool to monitor when incoming links from outsourced link building campaigns were coming into play.    This helpd me estimate more effectively when Google rankings were going to increase and how many more links I would need before reaching my goals.

Monitoring my link building campaigns was the only reason I had built the application at the time.   Until I realized I could track my competitors and whenever they received a new backlink I would contact the webmaster and also request a link.   This means I was  always one step ahead of my competitors and never lost my position for certain keywords.

If your a blogger or host a controversial topic, you can use Poilep to watch over your brand in the online world.    If you’re promoting a product its important you engage with your fans and your critics who write about you.

Add your own site now, after 1 minute it should have analysed your backlinks  - Poilep

I had no plans on releasing it but I have found great use and wouldn’t mind seeing if anyone else could find this useful.

Until next time, stay safe!

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posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 by admin in Applications

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