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Australian startups aren’t so doomed after all

Reading all the American based boards such as Reddit and yCombinator I get depressed about how much support and how many angel investment funds are over there. Not only do they have more investors, they have a huge network of tech savvy wannabe “Zuckerbergs”. It’s quite lonely over here, only a small amount of the population are actually computer literate and then your lucky if you find someone who has at least 1 entrepreneur bone in their body.

Though lucky enough I somehow stumbled upon a great Australian startup investment fund. They call themselves Innovation Bay and heres a quote from there website.

The objective of Innovation Bay is to bring people together from all walks of life, who are passionate about innovation and success. The underlying principle of the group is to create an exclusive forum for leaders in the high growth business space. The group is invitation-only.

The website is full of useful information and an serious Australian startup should research the guest speakers and co-founders.   Our country is quite different to the rest of the world and we tackle issues such as trying to market to a small amount of people in one of the largest continents on earth.

I followed a link through Innovation Bay to another website called Pollenizer.com.   The name quite fits as they work with pre-existing startups who need funding to take them to the next level.   They run a program called “Bootcamp” which teaches startups important business lessons and lets you liaise directly with the investors.   Be sure to check out the services page.

I feel as though someone should start a community for tech savvy entrepreneurs to build connections and pool resources.   I’m sure some great ideas could be executed superbly, after all we did invent the rotary close line.

Something like news.ycombinator.com but for Australians.

Anyway that concludes my poorly worded rant. I’m always open for any ideas other web developers have and would love to spend my spare time co-working on a project.

Thanks everyone!

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posted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 by admin in Rants

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